Canacea™ The Cannabis Panacea


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The only product to combine the healing qualities of cannabis with
Harry Hoxsey’s 1828 Red Clover Combination.
The Red Clover Combination has been used by as many as 2 million
Americans, in the 200 years since his grandfather observed his favorite
horse eating these twelve herbs growing wild in his pasture.
The horse’s cancer went away and the horse lived and died of old age.
Since 1828, as many as 4 million Americans have used this formula.
In a moment of mad stonedness, I have added High CBD Pot Seed.
When it is legal in a year or two, I will add THC from Panama Red.
Acapulco Gold, My favorite-Colombian Gold.  From the Santa Marta
mountains of Colombia.  I was there in 1975 at the beginning of the
Colombian Gold rush in the U.S..  I had loved pot for years, but this
stuff was a completely different dimension.  It put the I in HIGH!
It made me see see vividly the Caribbean Paradise.  Still not trashed
by humans – except for the cities.  With the warmest friendliest people
I had ever even dreamed of.  They did not have a lot of material possessions
but they liked to sit out in the dry air with the constant Caribbean breeze.
And the stars. The sky was thousands of tiny blue shimmering dots!
Horizon to Horizon.